PRESIDENT:                                       DAVID PRUHS
HISTORIAN:                                         LOGAN HALL




PRESIDENT. The President hall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Alaska
Barbecue Association
, and shall: serve as Chairperson of the Board of Directors; have
the power to appoint special committees subject to approval of the Board of
Directors; be responsible for maintaining good public relations with the community;
be granted reimbursement for e
xpenses incurred in the performance of his duties
with approval of the Board of Directors; execute all checks written on any/all
financial accounts; and be an ex officio member of all committees except the
nominating committee; insure all officers meet the
obligations and duties of their
office. The president shall serve a term of two (2) years. The President shall then
automatically become a Member of the Board of Directors for a period of (1) year
after service his/her term as President.
Treasurer: the Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of dues, entry fees, and for receipt and deposit of financial contributions and income into accounts at such banks and financial institution as the Board of Directors shall direct; execute all checks written on any/all financial accounts in accordance with a signatory provisions prescribed by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall keep accurate record of moneys received and expended, and shall make a financial report at the annual meeting and at each meeting of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for having an audit of the financial records performed every two years by a qualified independent party approved by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall submit a yearly budget for adoption by the Board of Directors, at such time as the Board of Directors shall direct. The term of office for the Treasurer shall be a term of two years.
Membership Director- shall promote and keep records of current memberships, encourage new membership. They will work with the Secretary to keep updated forms for current contact information, and he/she will work with the Treasurer for dues being paid. They will also work with Event Coordinator regarding Membership Drives.



Director Positions:  The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected and appointed Officers and at least four but no more than ten Members of the Board of Directors to be elected by the membership, in the addition to the immediate and past President. They shall serve two years per term or until their successors are elected. Members of the Board of Directors can serve no more than three consecutive terms.
Informational Technology (IT) Director- shall be in charge of keeping the website updated. Assuring that all equipment, software, and Paypal programs are all efficiently working and updated as needed and/or requested by Members of the Board.
Event Coordinator Director- shall be the contact member for planning and executing any/all events, competitions, fundraisers, and travel to events (when applicable-or delegate to another member). He/she will uphold the AK BBQ Association standards for sanctioning competitions/events when requested. He/she will assist in deciding appropriate prizes/certificates for events. He/she will provide necessary teaching and assistance for the various duties needed to execute competitions or events.

2014 Alaska BBQ Association Nominee Form
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2014 Nominations for Officers: