Alaska BBQ Association

The association began in the summer of 2004 when a few guys got together and decided to have a BBQ Cook-off to see who really did have the best back-yard BBQ in town. From that moment on, more and more people have heard about the opportunity to show off their skills, have great food, meet new people and have a fantastic time doing what they love to do...BBQ.
The Alaska State BBQ Competition qualifies the winner to get an invite to the Jack Daniels' Invitational which is the Annual International Competition in Tennessee. There are teams that come from all over the world to compete in the weekend event. It is an amazing sight to see the elaborate set ups the various teams use to turn out their prize winning meats. No one can ignore the amazing aromas and mouth watering taste of the prize winning smoked items coming off the smokers and being prepped for the next turn in. 
We are growing and are excited about the new events and people that are helping to make this a great group to be part of!